Call Outbound

As much as we have serviced accounts in Australia with outbound..
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Call Inbound

We are currently servicing clients in Europe with their customer..
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Data Entry

Our expertise lies in the following areas: Digitizing records: from..
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Document Transcripting

Given our tenure in the current location and having scouted..
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Document Digitalization

Given our tenure in the current location and having scouted..
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Market Survey

In our repertoire we have also serviced overseas clients..
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About Us

Welcome to Rexes BPO Goa. We specialize in data processing and backoffice outsourcing.

Having established ourselves in 2005, we have acquired experience and competencies in handling inbound Voice processes, backend document digitization, scanning and cataloguing as per client needs and to an extent language translation for the languages of hindi, Marathi, and Konkani.

Our clients range form state government projects to multinational organizations outsourcing their back office work to us. Intermediately we also support short term turnkey operations for offices supporting industries, like builders, churches, hotels etc.. Our objective is to give our clients seamless support of their back office work with the help of our very competent and experienced staff. We believe strongly in delivering quality work and on time

Our workforce and infrastructure include over 50 Seats on a 24/7 operation with all essential equipment, personnel, required security arrangements and an efficient Leadership Team to cater to our clients needs. We also have a social mission with over 80% of our workforce being girls from the local villages and townships in our vicinity, along with the help of a state government we train the from scratch on computers and then offer them jobs in our firm.


Mrs. Salvita Fernandes

A Business Management Professional who has strong entrepreneurial skills. She has over a decade's worth of experience in the service industry. Has successfully managed and developed Rexes BPO over the last three years. In addition to that her forte also lies in Finance and Administration having successfully contributed to the smooth and profitable running of the restaurants owned by her family.

Additionally her business sense has allowed for the company to expand and acquire other businesses that were in need of a leg up and thereby increase the repertoire of Rexes BPO.

Mr. Andre Shackleton

A Project Management Specialist who has over 16 years of experience in different industries. Has worked in both National and International markets and serviced clients in the same. His last assignment was Sr. AVP Operations India for Stream Global Services, the largest TPO in India. He is also passionate about training and delivers programs on Life Strategies.

He currently manages stock portfolios and has significant insights into the movement of markets and needs of various industries to grow. However the greatest strength of our organization are our tenured staff who have the experience and expertise in servicing our varied clients and it is on this strength that we continue to expand our business.